torsdag 27 december 2012

Hardstyle Mix December - Best Of 2012 (Special Alphabet for Christmas) by MajesticUploadz

Pham - Perpetual War by dawidphamngoc

The Magic Show Podcast 117 | Mind.Illusion, The R3belz and Kodex by Titamagicshow

Anonymous Hardstylez - Swedish Style (M-ForMat Remix) by MADBEATZmedia

Happy Songs :D by age705

Showtek ft Lexi Jean - Music On My Mind [OFFICIAL] by 2dutchtv

Hardstyle Top40 - December 2012 (Official Video) by hardstyletop40

Best Of Hardstyle 2012 Part 60 (MERRY CHRISTMAS)[HD+HQ] by ThaHardstylah

lördag 10 november 2012

The Anarchist - In Circles by FinestRoughstyIez

Adrenalize - Sleepless by FinestRoughstyIez

Rank 1 - Airwave (Bruno Power Rmx Bootleg) [HQ Original] by EuphoricHardStyleZ

Wasted Penguinz - Wasted Penguinz Mix [HQ Original] by EuphoricHardStyleZ

SweClubberz - Emotions (Re-mastered Edit) [HQ Original] by EuphoricHardStyleZ

Zatox ft The Eretik vs Kendra - Bitch Slap (Free Track) (HQ) [HD] by FinestRoughstyIez

Blacklite - TBA (HQ) [HD] by FinestRoughstyIez

Blacklite - TNT (HQ) [HD] by FinestRoughstyIez

Blacklite - Lets Go (HQ) [HD] by FinestRoughstyIez

Betavoice - Big Sky (Free Track) (HQ) [HD] by FinestRoughstyIez

Wasted Penguinz - You Can't Pull Me Down (Enhanced Defqon.1 Rip) [HQ Original] by EuphoricHardStyleZ

Noisecontrollers - Escape [HQ Original] by EuphoricHardStyleZ

Max Enforcer - Gold [HQ Original] by EuphoricHardStyleZ

The Pitcher - Savor Time [HQ Original] by EuphoricHardStyleZ

DJ Cyber - Circle of Hardstyle (Remastered Edit) [HQ Original] by EuphoricHardStyleZ

Omegatypez - Digital Revolution (Preview) [HQ Original] by EuphoricHardStyleZ

Seit - Daze (HQ) [HD] by FinestRoughstyIez

E-Force - Dreamcatchers [HQ Original] by EuphoricHardStyleZ

tisdag 23 oktober 2012

Stargazer - Victory [FULL HQ + HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Stargazer - ID (HQ Preview) [HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Bounter - Astral Magic (HQ Preview) [HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Decoded - Blast It Loud (HQ Preview) [HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Concept Art - Sunday Morning (HQ Preview) [HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Anonymous Hardstylez - Swedish Style (HQ Preview) [HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Azeon - Inner Universe [FULL HQ + HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Exoticz - Broken (HQ Preview) [HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Rubber Tunes - What Is Nustyle [FULL HQ + HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Pineapplez Inc. ft. Patricia Edwards - Summer Breeze by FinestStrongstylezz

Bioweapon - Turn It Up (Main Suspect Remix) by FinestStrongstylezz

Main Suspect - Higher (HQ Preview) [HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Alternate - Close My Eyes (HQ Preview) [HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

ZneideR - Boom (HQ Preview) [HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

JMZ - Feeling Of Hope (HQ Preview) [HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Shellshock - Leaving [FULL HQ + HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

SweClubberz - SweC. V2 (Album Preview) [HQ + HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Pineapplez Inc. - The World Transforms [FULL HQ + HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Woomstriterz - Serenity Of The Siren [FULL HQ + HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

Woomstriterz - System Of The Noise Fuck [FULL HQ + HD] by FinestStrongstylezz

måndag 15 oktober 2012

Azeon - Follow Me by Avengercz

Da Tweekaz - Tweekend by Avengercz

Gunz For Hire - Sorrow (Sephyx Remix) by Avengercz

Siders - Universe (Preview) by Avengercz

Trackloaders - Cycle by Avengercz

Trackloaders - Back of Beyond by Avengercz

Sephyx - Surrender by Avengercz

Magic Mushroomz - Fuck n Dog by Avengercz

Precizion - I'm Lost by Avengercz

Toby Mlinar - Sunblast (Preview) by Avengercz

Da Tweekaz - Become (Wasted Penguinz Remix) by Avengercz

söndag 14 oktober 2012

☣ Hardstyle Mix 62 ☣ [HQ, 2012] by Mackaveli7

☣ Hardstyle Mix 65 ☣ [HQ, 2012] by Mackaveli7

☣ Hardstyle Mix 64 ☣ [HQ, 2012] by Mackaveli7

☣ Hardstyle Mix 63 ☣ [HQ, 2012] by Mackaveli7

☣ Hardstyle/Psytrance Mix 68 ☣ [HQ, 2012] by Mackaveli7

☣ Hardstyle Mix 67 ☣ [HQ, 2012] by Mackaveli7

☣ Hardstyle Mix 66 ☣ [HQ, 2012] by Mackaveli7

Frontliner - TBA [LQ Rip] by TheHardstyleMusiczz

DJ Ezteq - S.L.E.T. (Blaricum Mix) by TheHardstylezz1000

Showtek - The World Is Mine by TheTocksic

Frontliner - Spacer (Mysteryland 2010 Intro Raining Edit) - 24 days of free edits by DJFrontliner

David Guetta - She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft. Sia by davidguettavevo

Wasted Penguinz - 4:20 AM (Preview) by TheHardstylezz1000

lördag 13 oktober 2012

Psyko Punkz vs Coone - The Words (Official Music Video) by TheDelstyle

Special D. - Home Alone (Da Tweekaz NYE Remix) by SupremoHD

Ultimate Special Hardstyle Mix Part 95 [2000 SUBS SPECIAL] by HeadhunterZ878

Zatox ft The Eretik vs Kendra - Bitch Slap by DJZatox

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 94 by HeadhunterZ878

Vamper - Locked [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Godgiven - Skywards (FULL) [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Lady Faith - Moxie (FULL) [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Sub Zero Project - Dominate [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Adventum - A Dark Matter [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Wutang - Gravelpit (Psyko Punkz DJ Tool) (FULL) [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Phuture Noize - Behold The Future [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Hard Driver - Faces (DJ Tool) (FULL) [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Arkaine - Distant World (FULL) [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Backman - Frequency [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Pulserz - You're Not Alone [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Headhunterz - Doomed (Atmospheric Old Hag Edit) [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Atmozfears - Another Day [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Neilio - TBA [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Neilio - TBA 2 [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Artic vs. The Anarchist - Project Destiny [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

Audiofreq - Dance 2 Music (FULL) [HQ+HD] by SoundOfHarderstylezz

onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Official Upcoming Hardstyle mix 2012 by alwayshardstyle3

Best Hardstyle mix Alwayshardstyle3 February 2012 part 1 by alwayshardstyle3

First Request mix on this new channel Part 1 2012 by alwayshardstyle3

Ultimate Hardstyle mix March 2012 part 1 by alwayshardstyle3

Special Summer off Hardstyle 2012 Festival Promomix by alwayshardstyle3

The Best Hardstyle March 2012 part 3 by alwayshardstyle3

The best hardstyle ever 2012 special March part 2 by alwayshardstyle3

Best Hardstyle mix February 2012 Part 3 by alwayshardstyle3

Best hardstyle mix February 2012 part 2 by alwayshardstyle3

The Best Hardstyle all time 2012 special by alwayshardstyle3

Ultimate Hardstyle mix April 2012 part 1 by alwayshardstyle3

The Ultimate Hardstyle Collection mixed with old Hardstyle March 2012 part 6 by alwayshardstyle3

Best Hardstyle mix March 2012 part 5 by alwayshardstyle3

Best Hardstyle mix April 2012 part 5 by alwayshardstyle3

Best Hardstyle anthems mix April 2012 part 3 by alwayshardstyle3

Prepare yourself for Rebirth on 7 april 2012 by alwayshardstyle3

Ultimate Hardstyle mix April 2012 part 2 by alwayshardstyle3

Loreen - Euphoria (Subraver Hardstyle Bootleg) Preview by alwayshardstyle3

Special Rawstyle / Hardstyle mix June 2012 by alwayshardstyle3

Best Hardstyle Request mix June 2012 part 1 by alwayshardstyle3

torsdag 4 oktober 2012

Dj Retimed - It's all showtek mix by DjRetimed

meEma Hard S - New Dimension by Avengercz

The Passenger - Future by Avengercz

Aurora - Sweet Words by Avengercz

The Noizetuner - Your DJ by Avengercz

Stereorockerz - Party Time (Preview) by Avengercz

Ralphie B - Icarus (Aurora Hardstyle Remix) by Avengercz

Blue Heart - I Just Start (2012 Edit) by Avengercz

Centhralz Planetz - Shock Wave (Preview) by Avengercz

Ground Invaders - The Shadow Strikes (Preview) by Avengercz

Narfyk - Shadow by Avengercz

The Vision - Defqon.1 2012 (Dj Tool) by Avengercz

Armin Van Buuren - Coming Home (Ground Invaders Remix) by Avengercz

Sephyx - The Price of Evil by Avengercz

LightStylerz - Skyrim Impression by Avengercz

Trackloaders - Leaving Earth by Avengercz

Paraphaze - Ocean by Avengercz

Toby Mlinar - Whats your life about by Avengercz

Michael Woods Feat. Duvall - Last Day on Earth (Lakitu Bootleg) [Acoustic Shock remix] by Avengercz

Black-E - Dedicated To The Music (Defqon.1 Producers Competition) by Avengercz

Avoco Pulse - Everlasting Happiness by Avengercz

Snoozer - Instinct (Orginal Mix) by EpicUploadzz

måndag 1 oktober 2012

Technoboy - Involved (Extended Version) [HQ Original] by EuphoricHardStyleZ

EpicUploadzz # TOP 10 of September by E EpicUploadzz

Frontliner ft. Mc Villain - Who I Am (Defqon.1 2010 Live Edit) by wizzieuploadzz

Da Daze - Going Crazy (HQ Preview) [HD] by FinestRoughstyIez

Da Daze - From The Past (HQ Preview) [HD] by FinestRoughstyIez

Atmozfears - Monster (MQ) [HD] by FinestRoughstyIez

Omegatypez - Dirty Style (HC Edit) (HQ) [HD] by FinestRoughstyIez

Best of September 2012 Hardstyle Mix (HQ) [HD] by FinestRoughstyIez

Annown - From The Nature (HQ) [HD] by FinestRoughstyIez

Frontliner - I'm The Melodyman (Full+HQ+HD) by theP4stworld

Hardstyle Mix 36 - Mixed by Melli by xXxHardstyleBeatxXx

söndag 30 september 2012

MarK With A K - Music Is My Alibi (Da Tweekaz Remix) [LQ Rip] by TheHardstyleMusiczz

Toby Mlinar - Our Intelligence (Hardstyle Connectors Remix) [DTRAXX049] by TheHardstyleMusiczz

Shockerz - My Story by TheHardstyleMusiczz

Atmozfears - Restart (HQ Rip) by TheHardstyleMusiczz

Technoboy - Involved by TheHardstylezz1000

The Power of Hardstyle #3 (Mixed by DjTorresOFFICIAL) (HQ+HD) by DjTorresOFFICIAL

D-Teq - Summer Vibes [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

JMZ - Feeling Of Hope [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Main Suspect - Thing Called Love [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Bruno Power - Sounds of Venus [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Dj Stephanie - Sweet Disposition [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

A-lusion - Running Scared [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Twilight Forces - Was Geht (feat The Engine) [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Atmozfears - Hypnotika [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

The Hooliganz - Close Your Mind (2012 Edit) [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Dist Attack Ft. Electronic Vibes - Paradise (Ft. Kara) [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Cosmic Gate - Exploration Of Space (Isaac 2012 Edit) [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Headhunterz ft. Malukah - Reignite [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Wildstylez feat. Niels Geusebroek - Year Of Summer [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Civilian - Keep Your Head Up [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Da Tweekaz feat Lene Kokai - Norwegian Lullaby (Eg Har en Tulle) [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Main Suspect - Try to find [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Stuback - Once Upon A Time [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1

Frontliner - Keep It Up [HD] by MrHardstyleMusic1