söndag 29 april 2012

Best of Hardstyle 2012 (HQ) by mario011Est

Best of Hardstyle 2012 ! (HQ) by mario011Est

Best of Hardstyle 2011 (HQ) by mario011Est

Best Dance Music 2011 New Electro House Music 2012 Club Mix Dj Wonk by DJWONK1

BEST CLUB HOUSE MUSIC MEGA MIX 2011-2012 by Deejay VenTeC by cRNKzRR

2011-2012 Best Dance Songs Beach Party Hot Bikini Pitbull Britney Spears David Gueta Marc Anthony by bestdancesong

Hard Drive Maintenance by elithecomputerguy

Tiesto 2012 - Welcome to Ibiza (DJ Tiesto Mix) by peengel2307

Tiesto - What Can We Do (Extended Mix) by CurtisHouseMusic

Adele - Someone Like You (Milk N Cookies Bootleg) by Beatzfull

Afrojack - Can't Stop Me Now (ft. Shermanology) (FULL Version) HQ by FistPumpThisBitch

You blocked me on Facebook, and now you're going to DIE by JimDGK

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 74 by HeadhunterZ878

Like A Boss Video Entry by darreguin82

lördag 28 april 2012

hardstyle mix 70 by ptrrrrrk

hardstyle mix 71 by ptrrrrrk

hardstyle mix 72 by ptrrrrrk

Hardstyle Mix Vol.85 [HQ+HD] by DjKonaCowan

Hardstyle Mix Vol.85 [HQ+HD]

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 44 by HeadhunterZ878

☣ Hardstyle Mix 56 ☣ [HQ, 2011] by Mackaveli7

Modifyers - Stars (Preview) by ModifyersDjChannel

☣ Hardstyle End-of-year mix Part 2 ☣ by Mackaveli7

Yahel - For The People[InterSys RMX] by Antraxxxxxxxxxxx

Davide Sonar - Believe (Weekly Throwback) [FULL HQ + HD] by TheLegendaryUploadz

DNA vs Sesto Sento - Move 2 The Groove by pAbvLuzhoo

♥Hardstyle Mix 2011 June/Mai [Part 6] By Flo ♥ by NewEraMusicx

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 9 by HeadhunterZ878

fredag 27 april 2012

Cascada ~ What Hurts The Most (Darren Styles Remix) by Linkette

Anagenetic - I'm Ready (Official Preview) by Anagenetic

A-Lusion - Beat The Bridge (Official Anthem 2012) (Full HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

♥♫ Summer And Sun Mixtape Vol. 8 - 2012 ♥♫ + T-Pain, Kay One, Dj Antoine, Katy Perry by DjStarSunglasses

Bestien - What We Breathe For // Official Album Teaser by BestienOfficial

Lakitu - Hello You (Extended Mix) [Free Release + DL] by OfficialLakitu

Kaskade feat. Neon Trees - Lessons In Love (Cover Art) by UltraRecords

A² Allstars - Resistance (1080p HD) *Official Video* by DjManuelW

Fatal State - Ground Under by FatalStateMedia

Fatal State - Uninhabited by FatalStateMedia

Infected mushroom-Muse Breaks by laion00

Lunaticz - Symphony (Preview) by LunaticzHS

Hardwell - Spaceman (Lunaticz Bootleg) Promo by LunaticzHS

onsdag 25 april 2012

Dj Stephanie presents Pulserz (April 2012) by deejaystephanie

Photos: Slugs / Lesmas (HD) by jomirife

The Pitcher ft. Szen - Let It Rain by Avengercz

Gaudium - One by maicolsb

Albert Hofmann and LSD (Vibe Tribe) by Feamday

Google Doodle: Celebrates the inventor of the zipper / Celebra o inventor do fecho éclair by jomirife

krox - beetlejuice by psykotikfull

Azax Syndrom vs Bliss - Fight No More by Antraxxxxxxxxxxx

Orca - Red Button by kiretakush

Cosmic Tone - End Of Time by bikemelih

Indra - Are You Ready by ShivatronPsy

Indra - Take The Time by Antraxxxxxxxxxxx

Indra- Feel Free by susieQe

Sirion - Reboot by Psyadri

Psycraft - Bad Girl by diegowolfwood

Psycraft - Memories Inside by SunFeeder

Psycraft Vs. Dali-Memories Inside-(DNA Rmx)-The Remixes 2010 by zememorex

CV Måleri

CV Måleri

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 6 by HeadhunterZ878

Bankerna grälar om boräntan

Bankerna grälar om boräntan

Ultimate Special Hardstyle Mix Part 73 [1200 SUBS] by HeadhunterZ878

tisdag 24 april 2012

The Prophet - One Moment (Full HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Hardstyle Megamix 8 by JeFFreYHardStyle

Best Dance Music 2012 - New Progressive / House / Electro January April Club Mix - TG#28 by progresist

Best Club House Music 2012, New Electro House 2012,April Dance-Club Mix by zero1nj

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 4 by HeadhunterZ878

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 3 by HeadhunterZ878

Mega Hardstyle Mix 2011 Part 2.wmv by HeadhunterZ878

Mega Hardstyle Mix 2011 by HeadhunterZ878

Mega Electro Hardstyle Mix 2011 by HeadhunterZ878

Hardstyle2011 by HeadhunterZ878

Romanian House Club Dance Music 2012 (Ready 4 Summer) by ElectroHouseBeatz1

hang khung | hang khung tren bai bien | dung cuoi be bung by itmevnnet

New Electro-House Music/Club Party Mix 2012 HQ by Free03Style

The Prophet - Smells Like Hardstyle (Bootleg) (Unreleased) (2010) by theprophet

The Prophet - Reflections Of Your Darkside (Official BLACK 2012 Anthem) (Preview) by theprophet

Hardstyle MegaMix 6 by djhardstylerznl

60Min Ultimate Hardstyle Mix 2012 *Part2* by Exigoz

måndag 23 april 2012

Best Hardstyle 2012 part 1 by CrazyMambostyle

Astrix - Eye to Eye by DuBChillor

Astrix - Acid Rocker by ASTRIXtv

♥Hardstyle Mix 2011 FreeMix [By Flo]♥ by NewEraMusicx

[Russian Hard Dance Generation] -♥This is Only Begin♥- PART 1 ⇨ [Full Video] by JumperScot

Anonymous Hardstylez - When You Think of Me (Climax preview HQ) by AnonymousHardstylez

Anonymous Meets Bioweapon teaser by AnonymousHardstylez

Anonymous Hardstylez - Carry Us (Full - free release+download link HQ) by AnonymousHardstylez

söndag 22 april 2012

Hardstyle Mix 4 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 3 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 2 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 1 by AugenWurstHD

Colossos by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 10 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 9 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 8 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 7 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 6 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 5 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 15 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 14 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 13 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 12 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 11 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 23 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 22 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 21 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 20 by AugenWurstHD

Hardstyle Mix 19 by AugenWurstHD

Coone Ft. Da Tweekaz - D.W.X (Full) [HD] by TheHardstylezNL

Best Hardstyle mix May 2012 part 1 by alwayshardstyle3

lördag 21 april 2012

How to remove apps on facebook by TheSocialMediaCafeuk

Katy Perry - E.T. (Hardstyle Remix) (Onyx Bootleg) by theonyx90

Katy Perry - E.T. (Hardstyle Remix) (Onyx Bootleg)

Anonymous Hardstylez - Feel The Music (final version) HQ+HD by AnonymousHardstylez

Anonymous Hardstylez - The Woman In Black (Horror movie bootleg) (watch in HQ) (preview) by AnonymousHardstylez

Systemic vs Apocalypse - Lock head by figgles

Electro sun - Sundance by figgles

Gataka vs Sesto sento - Fun in the sun by figgles

Krome Angels - KrisKros Rythms by figgles

Infinite dimensions - Allegero Obscuro B Minor by figgles

Shanti - Promised land by figgles

Life style - This is da house by figgles

Gataplex - Dance forever (new mix) by figgles

Gms vs systembusters - Arabian nights on mescaline by figgles

Bizzare contact - Run away (Electro sun remix) by figgles

Gavin DeGraw - Not Over You - Peter Hollens - Acappella CONTEST!! by peterhollens

fredag 20 april 2012

Azeon - You Are [HQ + HD RIP] by TheLegendaryUploadz

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 21 by HeadhunterZ878

Vibe Tribe - Vinyla Sky by arkanearkane

Introducing the new Google bar by Google

Da Tweekaz - The Past [Pulserz Remix] by pulserz

Star Driver - The Snow In Hiroshima 2012 Edit by Stardriverofficial

Crypsis @ Loudness - Official Video by DJCrypsis

Radical Redemption - Sharpen The Scalpel HD [Warhammer 40k Ultramarines MV] by theDubandTrance2

Crystal Lake - Handzup Motherfuckers by zoolandMusicGmbH

Alphaverb - A (Are You Up For This?) by AlphaverbNL

Chris Dega - Wanna Be Alone (Lakitu Bootleg Radio Edit) by OfficialLakitu

Tripswitch - Roll your Own by dubkulture

Hard caos is back (Keepstylez Re-Fixx 2012) - Club D.Bullets by keepstylez

Digital Punk - Creatures of the Night (Loudness Anthem 2012) by djdigitalpunk

Little Wings - Mark Gormley by TheUnchartedZone

Adaro ft MC Renegade - The House Of Wax (bootleg) (OFFICIAL) by djadaro

Bass Modulators - Beginning of Time (Original Mix) [FULL HQ + HD ORIGINAL QUALITY] by TheLegendaryUploadz

Zatox - Unite (Original Mix) [FULL HQ + HD] by TheLegendaryUploadz

tisdag 17 april 2012

Kelly Clarkson - Stronger (Dancefloor Kingz Bootleg Edit) - Video Mix by Galinskioli

World Of Hardstyle 2012 by Lippie0008

Sound Freakerz - Blackness (Official HQ Preview) by dirtyworkzofficial

Main Reaktor - No More (HQ Preview) by MainReaktorMusic

Geck-O - We Dance To The Beat (Full HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Goldkind - Black Frost (HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Frontliner - Spacer (The Prophet's Remuxx) (Full HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Headhunterz - Eternalize (Hardbass 2012 Anthem) (Full HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Headhunterz - Doomed (Full HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Headhunterz - Back In The Days (Full HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Frontliner - On The Rise (Coarsection Remix) (HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Dani Wolf - TBA (HQ Preview) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Frontliner ft. MC Villain - Who I Am (Scope DJ Remix) (Full HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Frontliner - Opposites (Full HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

E-Force - The System 2.0 (Full HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Azeon - Talking To The Moon (Full HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Crypsis in the House!!! (HQ-Mix) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Crisis Era - Salvation (Full HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Best Hardstyle 2012 Mix Part 2 (HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Authentic - Reality Of God (HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

Cybernatics - To The Stars (HQ) [HD] by TheFinestRoughstylez

tisdag 10 april 2012

Krystalic - Breaker [HQ + HD PREVIEW]

Neilio - Citizens (Weekly Throwback) [FULL HQ + HD]

The Prophet & Audiofreq - We Are One (10 Years of Scantraxx Anthem) [HQ ...


Kaskade - Lessons In Love (Headhunterz Remix) [HQ + HD ORIGINAL QUALITY]

X-System - The Passion [HQ + HD PREVIEW]

Shockerz - Your Love Bootleg (Free Release)

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 24

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 33

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 39

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 38

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 18

New Hardstyle Mix 2011

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 26

The Prophet - Reflections Of Your Darkside (Black Anthem 2012) (Full HQ)...

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 7

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 30

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 42

måndag 9 april 2012

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 71

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 22

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 38

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 46

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 50

Christmas Hardstyle Mix 2011

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 51

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 53

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 54

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 55

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 56

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 57

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 58

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 60 1 Hour Hardstyle-Mix

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 62

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 63

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 64

Mega Hardstyle Mix Part 66

Brennan Heart - Revelations (Reverze Anthem 2010)

Brennan Heart - We Come And We Go

Brennan Heart & Wildstylez - Lose My Mind (Official videoclip)

Headhunterz - Dragonborn (Official Videoclip)

Kaskade - Lessons In Love (Headhunterz Remix) Official Video

D-Block & S-te-Fan - Our Music [HQ + HD PREVIEW]

Stargazer - Supernova [HQ + HD PREVIEW]

Hard Bass 2011 DVD Team Yellow - Max Enforcer, Alpha Twins, B-Front, & W...

Ananda Shake - Rolling Sound [ALLDEP022] [EXCLUSIVE DEMO MIX]